two Mous NFT's and a Star


The Mous are the original collection. They have full access to our community and utilities as well as earn our native token $44 which can be spent and used all across our ecosystem.


An NFT that Mous holders could mint for free. Cheese is the key to upgrading your Mous to a Mad Mous by exchanging the Cheese and $44 for a golden potion. Earns small amounts of $44 via staking.


The elite of NYC. The upgraded Mous. Use a cheese and $44 to buy a golden potion that upgrades your Mous to a MAD Mous. Earns more $44 each day and if you hold multiple, it grants you access to the MAD DAO which receives 25% of all 44 Labs profits.


Our revenue sharing GEN2 collection from 44 Labs. The biggest part of all 44 Labs profits are airdropped to the holders of Interdimensional Mous. They do not earn any $44 to use in our ecosystem, but they have full access to our communities and utilities.


An art collaboration between MIDH and MOB. They have full access to both our communities and the MOB community as well as getting a discounted and guaranteed GEN2 Interdimensional Mous mint opportunity. More has yet to be revealed about these weird Cyber Mous.


The token that powers our ecosystem. Can be used for various things in our ecosystem, such as utilities and discounts for 44 Labs services and products.